Lots of new movies this weekend, memory loss, numbers, and grandma's in drag.

"I Am Number Four" (PG-13)

British model Alex Pettyfer  is one of nine alien teens hiding on Earth after their planet is attacked. For some reason they can only be killed in sequence, and they're being hunted down by other aliens before they can develop their powers.

"Glee's" Dianna Agron plays the human girl he falls for. Teresa Palmer from "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" plays Number Four's ally Number Six.

"Unknown" (PG-13)

When Liam Neeson comes out of a four-day coma, his wife acts like she doesn't know him and introduces him to some other dude who's pretending to be him. The cops don't believe him, and even he starts to think he's crazy until someone tries to kill him.

"National Treasure" actress Diane Kruger plays a taxi driver who helps him run around Berlin trying to figure out what's happening, and "Mad Men's" January Jones plays his treacherous wife.

"Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son" (PG-13)

In Martin Lawrence's third Big Momma movie, his son witnesses a murder so the two of them put on matching fat suits and go into hiding at an all girls school.

His son is played by comedian Brandon T. Jackson, who was rapper Alpa Chino in "Tropic Thunder" and the  half-goat dude in  "Percy Jackson" movie.