When I bring animals into my home, they become my family.  About 10 years ago, I kept saying I want a cocker spaniel.  I love cocker spaniels, I had one growing up and they are so kind and loving and just beautiful dogs.  Then one day I got my cocker spaniel.

Lori-Jasper is the top dog

A family acquaintance had this beautiful dog, a cocker spaniel, a party cocker spaniel.  They are a bit bigger than a regular cocker and they are black and white.  Jasper was beautiful and he was mine.  A family acquaintance gave us this beautiful dog because their Great Dane kept beating him up.

When I got Jasper he was 3 years old and a good dog.  Bailey (my other dog) was in heaven because she finally had a friend.  When E. was born Jasper didn't care for him much because he was competition for my affections, and it was like that until E. got bigger and started to walk.

Jasper, is my buddy, he follows me everywhere.  I never have to put him on a leash because I know when I'm there he won't go anywhere.

About a year and a half ago I noticed that his eyes were really red and infected.  I took him to the vet and got medicine and treated it but the right eye kept getting worse to the point he went blind in his right eye.  His left eye adjusted.

However, I noticed on Monday that he wasn't following me around and when he did walk he was bumping into things.  I took him back to the vet yesterday and it is inevitable, he has the beginnings of cataracts in that eye as well and they will eventually take over his eye.

Watching him last night broke my heart.  The pressure in his eye is so much that it hurts and he can't see.  I watched as he slowly researched the house, sniffing, bumping into walls.  I tried helping him around, leading him to every room, leading him to his food.  He just fought me.  So in the end last night, I just picked him up and put him in my bed.  Then had to yell stop each time he nearly took a step off the edge.

This morning wasn't any better.  I put him down off the bed and waited as he roamed and tried to find his way back to the living room.  He eventually did and just climed up in my chair and stayed.  My dog that followed me everywhere cannot anymore.

It's breaking my heart in two.  It hurts to see something you love in pain and in fear.  I can only imagine how scared he is, and I see the sadness in his face.

You know how you hear stories of other animals helping out other animals, I keep thinking Bailey will step up and start helping him.  However, she's the alpha in the house and she isn't being very nice.

I did notice the cat kept meowing this morning and walking up and around Jasper so hopefully Astro will be Jasper's eyes.

I guess today starts my research on how to help your blind pet.  He's still my dog, he's still my buddy, the only thing is, he cannot see.  So until my poor Jasper is suffering then he will remain in my home and alive, and we will all adjust to his blindness.