It's funny how things are brought back from memory out of nowhere. I was sitting at my desk today and for some reason the name Perry's Nut House came to mind. I can honestly say that I haven't thought of that place in over three decades, but for some reason it just popped into my head today.

My first memory of Perry's has always been the giant gorilla from Africa that would greet me after first walking through the doors, followed by the stretched-out alligator skin that was on the wall. Just talking about it takes me right back to being six or seven years old.

I decided to give them a call today and talked to owner, George Darling. He and his wife Ellen bought Perry's in 2004 and brought a childhood stomping ground of mine back to life. Darling gave me a quick update on some of the more recent history of  Perry's Nut House. It had closed in 1997 and all of its fantastic decor was then auctioned off. Darling was able to buy back some of the iconic pieces (the gorilla and alligator), along with some other items.

As a child, my favorite part of Perry's was all the novelty gifts which included; Mexican Jumping Beans, Sea Monkeys and Wooly Willy. But, their biggest and best seller has always been their homemade fudge. I remember many  times Mom and I would head down to Belfast and while I was shopping in the novelty section she would be stocking up on a bunch of fudge. Most of the fudge would be wrapped and given to family and friends during the holiday season, but she would always hold a couple back for us.

Perry's also has some great tasting home made candies and jams too. Nothing can compare to homemade jam. If you've never tried it, do yourself a favor and get some. That's a big, big deal in Maine.

So if you're ever find yourself in 'Vacationland' make a point to head on down 'tha road theyuh' and stop in to Perry's Nut House. Oh, by the way if you happen to see a 47-year-old man shopping in the novelty section holding some jumping beans that would probably be me.