My grandmother from my mother's side celebrated her 90th birthday this past weekend.  The family decided to throw her a surprise party and invite as many people as we could.  In fact, all the kids, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, came into town for the event.  Some as far as the big city of New York.  However, with an event like this there is always some lessons to still learn.

Lori C.

After 4 kids, 7 grand kids, and 12 great-grand kids, my grandmother has left behind a great lineage.

So what lessons did I learn this weekend.

1. That no matter how technologically advance you are as you go through life, when you get to be 90 years old, you will still have problems figuring out how to work your TV.

2.  Places you spent tons of time as a child will always look smaller when you experience them as an adult.

3.  It is so weird to see your cousins and yourself the same age as your parents were when they started having and raising kids.

4.  When some one asks you the names of all the great-grand kids and who they belong to, you will forget the name of at least two, even though you know their names.

5.  Your children and your cousin's children, find a way to get along and have fun like you did when you were little.

6. Lava lamps are cool at any age.

7. People you expect to show up at a event like this don't and those you don't expect to show up do.

8. You are shocked when someone you thought was dead walks into a room.

9. Your grandmother loves you as much as the day you were born and loves your children just as much.

10. Airlines suck.  They are not dependable and have a tendency to almost ruin a well planned out surprise.

11. While mixing punch that has Jello in it, it is best not to mix the Jello ingredients the night before, it tends to gel.

12. No matter how long you are away from your family, if its 2 days, 2 months or even 6 years you realize how much you love each other and how much you enjoy spending time with each other.

13.  In a big family, you will always find those who decide to spread their wings and fly farther away from the nest than you ever expected, and you kind of envy them for their bravery to do just that.

14.  Balloons are always a kid magnet and will make a kid cry if they can't take them home.

15.  You still look at your grandparents and still see them the age they were when you were little.

Then once the party winds down, you realize the next time you are all in the same will be when you are saying goodbye to the grandmother you were just celebrating life with.