You know sometimes you will be moving right along with your day then BAM! something happens.  Well last night I was wrapping up my day and I was trying to download something  when my phone buzzed.  It was one of my co-workers asking me to check on something because he thought some one was messing with him.

He said, "you're friends with him on Facebook, right?"

I was, so since I had my computer on my lap I clicked over to the FB page, and sure enough, all the posts were on the timeline.

I miss you so much, I can't believe you are gone, I am going to miss you....

My heart sank.

This happened back in June, he died in June, and here we are in the last days of August finally hearing about it.

So as you are supposed to do, you start contacting the other people that knew this person as well, because let's face it, if you didn't know, they probably didn't either.

Then the memories start flowing.

This guy drove me crazy, he was ornery, he could be a jerk, but on the other hand he was funny and deep down was a really nice guy. He was so very talented when it came to this business, had great ideas, and he made great radio, and some of the best commercials you ever heard came out of this building, all his brainchild.

The one thing I remember and will never forget, I think we were arguing about something one day, he stopped, turned around to face me and said, "Crofford, we could never be married," he winked at me and walked out.


He was only 39.

We as humans have our ups and our downs.  We go through our trials in our life.  Some of those trials took him away from our little radio world in Amarillo.

However, seeing where his life was year's later, when I found out about his death last night, I know now he is walking streets of gold  in a place far better than anything here on Earth.

Rest in Peace my friend.  I look forward to once again making great radio with you in Heaven someday.