Chilliwack is a Canadian group that formed in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Band members included; Bill Henderson on vocals & guitar, Rick Taylor on Drums, Brian MacLeod on guitar and Ab Bryant on Bass. Bryant would also join the rock group Prism, who had a minor hit in 1982 with 'Don't Let Him Know' (#39).

According to Wikipedia:

The band initially formed as the Classics (1964) in Vancouver, British Columbia, but later changed the name to The Collectors (1966). Their psychedelic self-titled debut album yielded the minor hit "Lydia Purple".[4] A second album was based on the musical score written by the band for a stage play by Canadian playwright George Ryga, Grass and Wild Strawberries.

Chilliwack effectively began with the departure of vocalist Howie Vickers from the Collectors in 1969; however, the band didn't change its name until 1970,[5] to Chilliwack, a Salish term meaning "going back up" and the name of a city east of Vancouver in the Fraser River valley. With lead guitarist Bill Henderson now providing most of the vocals and doing most of the composing, the band released several records that were moderately successful in Canada. Hit singles in Canada included "Lonesome Mary", "Crazy Talk" "The drunk Giraffe" and "Fly at Night". The album track "Rain-o", a blues-based composition that appeared in different versions on the Chilliwack debut album and the later "Dreams, Dreams, Dreams", was a well-known concert favourite.

Chilliwack would have one more minor chart success in the U.S. with 'I Believe

' (#33), but this would be their biggest American hit, peaking at #22