While shuffling through my ipod this past weekend, I landed on the Little River Band. Some of their bigger hits included; Reminiscing, The Night Owls and Lonesome Loser, but the tune that grabbed my attention was a song that peaked at #16 on the charts in 1978. I've always liked their music and a lot of their tunes don't get played on the radio anymore. Who remembers "Help Is On It's Way," "Man On Your Mind" & "The Other Guy"? Great songs from a band that formed in Melbourne, Australia back in the 70's. Up until 1983 the lead vocals were handled by Glenn Shorrock, he would be replaced in '83 by John Farnham, but would return to the group by 1987.

The group evolved from a London-based band called Mississippi, but were attacked by fellow Aussie's for using an "American" name. So, they renamed themselves "Little River Band" after a resort town near Melbourne.

Let's raise our glass and wish a "Happy Anniversary" to the Little River Band.