Does your office have a Christmas Party?   Do you attend that Christmas Party? 


According to a survey published on PR Newswire, 77% of the managers surveyed said that their office would be holding a Christmas party.  When asked, 55% of the workers said they enjoyed their office Christmas party while 45% said they did not enjoy their office party.

So when it comes to a office Christmas party what makes the perfect party.

One of my favorite Christmas Office parties was held at a local bed and breakfast.  When we walked in we (including our guests) were handed envelopes full of fake money.  Then we were escorted into a room where we were introduced to a silent auction.  However, this silent auction was wrapped packages with only small clues as to what was in them and we bid on the packages we thought we wanted.  I'll have to admit the bidding got a bit dirty by the time it was all said and done.  Overall it was a blast and we all had fun.  By the end we were teaming up and pooling our money to get the prizes.  I walked out of that year's Christmas party with a large Dodge Charger remote controlled car.  The thing was bigger than my medium sized dog.

So I would love for you to share some of your best Christmas parties with me, and some of the worst.  Just share with us your stories in the comment section below.  If you have some ideas on what would make a great Christmas party feel free to share those as well.