Ethan and I were pulling out of the garage this morning when all of the sudden I hear a yell out of the back seat, "Momma, it's snowing!"  My boy was super excited at the sight of snow.

China Photos/Getty Images

I, on the other hand, not so excited.  I believe my response was, "Snow? You have got to be kidding me."  He said, "Can we play in it when we get home?"  I told him it would be long gone before this afternoon.  "Aww, Man!"

I even watched the weather last night and to be honest with you I didn't believe ProNews 7's Shelly Sites one bit when she mentioned snow.  My thought's were, "Snow, yeah right, it was  90 today, this can't be right."

Way to go Shelly, you got it right and you proved me wrong!

The more I thought the more I realized, that we live in the Texas Panhandle.  The old saying goes, "If you don't like the weather here give it a few hours and it will change."

So I will enjoy the moisture that we received from the snow this morning (it was much needed), and realize that by this afternoon or tomorrow Spring will be back.

What did you think about the snowfall this morning?  Love it, Hate it, or ?