I had a heart attack moment yesterday that nearly scared me stupid and I wasn't even the one driving.  My friend and I were coming back from an appointment yesterday and we had a moment that could have truly been tragic.

We were coming through a light at a busy intersection.  It was green when we were going through it so she was going the speed limit.  On the side of the street a group of middle school boys were walking.  All of a sudden one of the boys just jumped into the street.

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It was one of those moments where in an instant everything goes into slow motion.  Luckily my friend slammed on her brakes.  Yes, she took the tread off her tires, her brakes are now dust, and we both were gasping because in that moment this scenario was going to end well or it was gonna end bloody.

I can only imagine what was going through the mind of this little boy.  It must have been like the moments that you see in the movies where you see the character and you see them staring down a car and they don't know if it is going stop or not.

I can tell you this, guardian angels were covering that little boy and us.  If he had of jumped out one second earlier or if she had of hesitated hitting the brakes this wouldn't have been a close call story.  This would have ended with a tragedy.

Luckily, once she stopped the boy took off running after realizing that he didn't get hit in that split second.  He now has a story to tell of his near death experience.

I know boys will be boys, but again this was a super busy intersection in Amarillo.   These boys know better than to jump in the street in front of oncoming traffic.

So, the thought that keeps going through my head is my gosh, that will be my son some day.  He already knows that you do not play in or near the street.  However, once boys reach the 9-11 year old age are they still taught not to play in the street around a busy intersection?

So parents please reiterate to your children about street safety, especially if they walk home from school.

My heart still pounds thinking about this, I am just thankful it ended the way it did.