When it comes to a washing machine or dryer they aren't a toy.  It isn't funny to put things other than clothes into the tubs.  It is actually dangerous.  A couple found out the hard way when they put their toddler into a washing machine as a joke and it started. It was all caught on a security camera.

I did my best to keep Ethan away from the washer and dryer in my house when he was a toddler.  I always kept the doors closed, when they were in their wash or drying cycle they were always child locked because I didn't want something like this to happen.

I was horrified one day when I went to warm up some clothes in the dryer.  I shut the door turned on the dryer and walked off.  I heard a huge kerplunk and opened the door to find that my cat snuck into the dryer and burrowed into the clothes so I didn't see him.  I was so mortified and scared that I hurt him I cried for 30 minutes.  He was fine but still...

I cannot believe these parents thought this was OK?  Especially in a laundromat.  I'm surprised that they aren't sitting in jail right now and that child in foster care.

Would you ever have pulled a stunt like this with your children?