Back in the day, before 1,000 channels on TV, internet in the palm of your hand, game systems in every shape and size, kids actually had to play.  Some of the games that were created we actually fun games.  Red Rover, Duck, Duck, Goose and Hide and Seek were a few of those games you could play with your friends in your neighborhood.  However, it seems that some of those games can be dangerous.

Nick Daly

I ran across an article this morning about how Hide and Seek can make our kids anti-social and secretive, and should be banned from play.

God help us if this is true.

Hide and Seek causes our kids to be anti-social?  Really?

According to


  • Hide and seek promotes secretive play. The nature of the game is to not tell anyone where you are and what you are doing.
  • Hide and seek asks children to hide and not come out. The nature of the game is to ask children to hide so they can’t be found.
  • Hide and seek sends mixed messages. The nature of the game asks children to do what we’ve always told them not to.
  • Hide and seek requires mind skills young children may not have. The nature of the game requires you to differentiate between hiding for real and hiding for pretend play.

Why is everything from my childhood dangerous and harming to today's children?  I just don't get it.

Can hide and seek be fatal to a child?

I know of more things that make our kids anti-social that are a lot worse than a game of hide and seek.