Alzheimer's is something that no expects to live with or ever expects a loved one to have, however it is devastating.  Alzheimer's is a condition that steals away  memories, mannerisms, and our loved ones.  No one knows what the cause is, but what we do know is that we want a cure.  It's a heartbreaking thing to watch someone slowly disappear.

Mike Graffigna

That's why research is so important but to have research, you have to have funds.  Here's where you come in, if you love to play softball, then get a team together and take part in the

Diane Bosch Memorial Softball Tournament

Saturday, September 10th

Paul Lindsey Park Fields 3 & 4

Games begin at 8:30am

Cost is $150 per team with a maximum of 14 players on a team.

Registration deadline is Wednesday, September 7th

Registration and payment can be made at the Amy Upton Family Practice - 1901 Medi Park #200

For more information call 806-420-3550

All proceeds benefit the Alzheimer's Association