I come from the world of a knife is just a knife.  This knife will cut just like that knife, all you need is for the knife to be sharp.  Well I was wrong.  A good chef knife is amazing to have in the kitchen when cutting up what you need to cut up.

I own three really good chefs knifes.  Don't get me wrong, they aren't the kind of knives I spent hundreds of dollars on.  They won't even come close to matching the knives that Top Chef contestants use or your famous chefs but for me they are good knives.

A decent knife makes chopping, dicing, slicking, so much easier.  Plus, it's always a plus to have a good knife when you are smashing a clove of garlic.

It makes life easy in the kitchen.  Like I said chef knife's can be very expensive that is why I'm excited about having a chance to add to my collection by earning good cutlery.

I am an avid shopper at United Supermarkets.  I have one just around the corner from my house so it is convenient.  However, when I'm shopping I can earn new knives.

Starting tomorrow, February 20th, United Supermarket is offering bonus stickers for each $10 you spend for a chance to earn Thomas by Rosenthal  Knives.

These knives are not available any where in the US except through this promotion with United Supermarkets, Market Street, and Amigo's.

Photo Courtesy United Supermarkets

However, if you do not wish to earn stickers to receive a knife, you can purchase the knives at full retail value.

Here are the knives available in the promotion.

•    A utility knife
•    Small santoku knife
•    Sharpening steel
•    Cook’s knife
•    Large santoku knife
•    Break knife
•    Steak knife block
•    Set of two steak knives
•    Cleaver
•    Chopping board
•    Storage block

Start collecting your stickers today.  You have until June 25, 2013 to redeem your stickers.  The great thing is, you can collect as many knives as you want.

I'm so excited, I can't wait to go grocery shopping!  I need a new knife for my kitchen and I have my eye on the large santoku knife.