A 26-year old man was arrested in Oshkosh, WI during a Recall Walk Demonstration.  Police were called to the scene to get the demonstration under control  when the demonstrators started blocking the drive of a local restaurant.  The man was shouting and ringing a cowbell and instead of the man moving like the officers asked him,  he decided to give them, "more cowbell."

According to The Northwestern:

When the officer attempted to take the cowbell, the Appleton man pushed the officer twice.

Nichols said the officer “directed” the man to the ground and requested assistance. As he attempted to handcuff the man, a 25-year-old Appleton woman hit the officer in the back with her picket sign.

Both were arrested and taken to the Winnebago County Jail. Nichols said OPD recommended the man be charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest and that the woman be charged with disorderly conduct and battery to a police officer, a Class H felony.

The reason this story is so funny to me is because it reminds me of an Saturday Night Live skit with Christopher Walken and Will Ferrell.

Moral of the story never give a police officer more cowbell unless they ask for it.