When we run into rainy days I enjoy a delicious cup of cocoa or hot chocolate.  I fact I'm wondering when I can sneak away and grab one today.  Coffee is good but cocoa is better. 

As I am sitting here thinking about cocoa or hot chocolate I'm thinking what would be awesome to mix in the cocoa to make it event more yummy.  So here is a great list of mix ins to add to your next cup.

Of course there is always the go to mix in marshmallows, but have you thought about flavored marshmallows? That could really give it a interesting taste.  For some reason I want to throw a couple of the coconut marshmallow into a cup of hot chocolate.


Have you ever thought about adding cinnamon to your hot chocolate or cocoa?

Take the cinnamon and a pinch of chilli powder and you have yourself a darn good cup of cocoa.


I have even considered a tablespoon of Nutella as a add in.

How about making your cocoa with chocolate instead of regular milk for that extra chocolatey kick.

There is nothing like adding a peppermint into your cup and letting the heat of the cocoa to dissolve the candy and infuse your drink.

Of course you can always add whipped cream to the top of your warm cozy drink instead of marshmallows.

John Foxx

So those are some of my suggestions.  What do you like to add to your cocoa or hot chocolate.