Some people have completely lost their minds.  I will never understand why some people do the things they do.  Take for instance some person thought it would be a great idea to stick syringes into the pockets of pants at a Walmart in Cartersville, Georgia.

According to the Smoking Gun:

Yesterday morning, Bartow County Sheriff's Office deputies again arrived at the store in Cartersville, this time in response to a shopper discovering a syringe inside a pocket in a pair of men’s pajamas. The woman who found the needle was not stuck, according to a sheriff’s report.

Another syringe was found in a different pair of pants as well.  Luckily no one was stuck with the needle.

I don't understand why some person would be so vindictive and would purposely want to hurt a complete stranger?  It is not as if they accidentally left a syringe in the pants.  They took the cap off and placed the syringe in the pockets of these pants, needle pointing up, so it would intentionally stick a person.

Was this a disgruntled employee who wanted to see someone sue Walmart?  Who knows but all I do know is that is is completely ridiculous and dangerous.

The management of this WalMart are continuously checking their clothing to make sure customers are safe.

I for one know that I will be checking the clothes I try on before sticking my hand in the pockets.