Tenants of Castle Rock apartment complex in Colorado are being told to get rid of their guns or they will be evicted. Yes, you read that right.

According to the local news channel 9News,

“A letter went out to the residents on August 1st saying they had until October 1st to comply with the updated ‘community policies’.  On page 2 is a brand new provision saying “firearms and weapons are prohibited.”

“As of October 1, residents cannot display, use, or possess any firearms or weapons of any kind, anywhere on the property.”

Is this an infringement on resident's 2nd amendment rights? Retired Marine Art Dorsch thinks so.

“It upsets me very much.  I’m a hunter. I’m a licensed conceal and carry person.  They want to take them all away from me.  They say I can’t live here,” Dorsch said.

The ex-marine keeps his guns under lock and key in his home. He is 77 years old and feels more at ease knowing he has a way to defend himself should anything ever happen. The new policy would leave him homeless.

Legal analysts have said that "courts have supported the rights for landlords to impose reasonable regulations on tenants". Dorsch has ruled out an attorney due to lack of funds and has had to leave his guns at a friends home over 30 minutes away.