Being born and raised on the East Coast, I was lucky enough to be exposed to some New England bands that had some regional success, but were unknown in pretty much the rest of the country. One of my favorites was a group that started out as 'Oak.'

Oak was a pop\rock group that came out of my home state of Maine and featured, Rick Pinette on vocals, Scott Weatherspoon on guitar, David Stone on keyboards, John Foster on bass and Daniel Caron on drums.

They danced around the pop charts from the summer of '79 to the end of 1980. Oak ended up releasing 4 singles over the next year and a half with their biggest song, 'King Of The Hill' peaking on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart at #36. This would also be right around the time that Rick Pinette would get top billing.

Where is Rick now? We'll he is now a motivational speaker and runs Rick Pinette Ministries.