I've fallen into the 'app trap.' It started with Farmtown on Facebook, followed by Bejeweled, Smurf Village then Candy Crush. But, my new favorite app takes me to an island to help John Hammond in rebuilding Jurassic Park (start theme music here).The game is pretty much straight forward like the above mentioned Smurf Village. Your job is to clear the land from trees (sorry Sierra Club), discover dinosaur amber and build your very own park as you continue to level up.You are also given tasks to perform from some familiar folks including,  Dr.'s Malcolm and Grant.

Also, after achieving level eight or so, you unlock the underbelly of the park and are able to create an expansion for even more creatures, most never mentioned or seen in the movie versions.

Good News: The App is free in the apple app store. Plus, if you're fan of previous 'build your own city' games and of Jurassic Park, then this might just be up your alley.

Bad News: If you don't have the patience to wait for; land to clear, dinos to hatch or various other tasks, then you can buy food, coins, money, ect.

I've only been playing  it on and off for about a week or so and get a kick out of it.

But, I've gotta run,  just had a 'code red' at the park. Looks like a tropical storm is coming and a Carcharodontosaurus just escaped from it's cage. Great, so much for family fun day at the park.

Jurassic Park Builder operates on iPhone, iPod touch & iPad