If you've been wondering about Switching to Suddenlink for your Cable, Phone and Internet, here a 10 reasons why you should consider it.

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    Super-Fast Internet Speed

    With streaming video you require a fast connection. Suddenlink has 10.0 and higher, so you're able to have effortless streaming while watching videos, tv shows and movies on your computer.

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    By far, this is the coolest thing ever! With Suddenlink2Go you can watch up to 120,000+ clips, movies and shows anytime, anywhere and on any computer. The best part is it is FREE with your Suddenlink cable subscription. Not only can you watch shows from the night before, but a lot of shows that you can't even find on tv.

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    Video On Demand

    Watch your favorite shows and movies on one simple device. Suddenlink has over 6,000 titles available with On Demand. Free shows, new movie releases and a lot of them in HD. (ed note: Netflix is charging a 60% increase for it's services)

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    HBO Go

    Just like Suddenlink2Go, this is a cool feature. Did you miss last night's 'True Blood' or "Curb?' Just head to HBO Go and stream it on your computer. If you're an HBO subscriber you will have unlimited access to over1400 HBO shows, including; original programming, hit movies, bonus features and special behind-the-scenes extras. HBO Go is now also available on your iPhone, iPad and Android.

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    Max Go

    Just like HBO Go, with Max Go you receive unlimited access to movies, Max After Dark series,behind-the-scenes extras and more. Free with your Cinemax Subscription.

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    This is one of the latest additions to the Suddenlink line-up. Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM have teamed up to give you access to more than 15,000 motion pictures and 3,000 titles online. It's a TV channel, it's a VOD service and it's a website with movies. It's also free with your Epix subscription.

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    Suddenlink WiFi at Home

    You can access the internet from ANYWHERE in your house.

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    Reliable Internet Connection

    You never have to worry about issues with your Internet connection again. Plus, there is always the 24/7 customer support line, just in case you need some help or have questions.

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    No extra costly cables or connectors necessary

    If you want to streamline Netflix or Hulu Plus content, you'll need a VGA cable, Roxio box or other cables. Plus, most of the time you can only stream to one TV unless you buy even more cables. Talk about burning thru some cash quick.

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    Local Service and Support

    Netflix customer support is based in Oregon, while Hulu Plus customer support is done through email. As a Suddenlink customer, you will talk to people right here in town.