I am a huge fan of Science Fiction and have been since I was a little kid. So, I thought I would put together a list of my all-time top 10 favorite Sci-Fi shows. I'd love to know what would be on your list. Let me know.

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    Time Tunnel

    Premiered 1966

    The Time Tunnel Theme

    Located beneath the Arizona desert, ten-year old project, Tic-Toc, focuses on the possibility of time travel. When the government decides to pull the plug on the project, the scientist have only 24-hours to prove that the untested "Time Tunnel" works. Determined to save the project, Doctors' Tony Newman and Doug Phillips go through the tunnel and quickly find themselves traveling from one historical event to another as the scientists, back in Arizona, try to figure out a way to bring them home. Although Time Tunnel only lasted two seasons, you can see the 'idea' of one of my other favorite shows, Quantum Leap. Unlike Dr. Sam Beckett, Tony & Doug do not enter into another persons body. They are the same people that we see in the beginning and everyone they encounter see them as we do.

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    Buffy The Vampire Slayer

    Premiered 1997

    "Hi! I'm Buffy-The Vampire Slayer"

    Buffy The Vampire Slayer Theme

    Before "Twilight" and "True Blood" there was another type of show featuring werewolves and vampires. But, in this series, they were all bad and needed to be dealt with. Such is the problem when High School student, Buffy Summers moves to "The Hell Mouth" aka Sunnydale, California. This series ran for 7 years and had many highs and a few lows. A couple of the highs for me were the episode where everyone's voice was stolen and then the one were everyone broke into song. I really thought this was a groundbreaking show for sometime.

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    Land Of The Giants

    Premiered 1968

    Land Of The Giants Theme

    The crew and passengers aboard the Sprindrift, a suborbital space flight bound for London are caught in a mysterious white-cloud. After crash-landing they soon find that everything on this planet is 12 times larger than they are. It seems the "giants" are aware of Earth and are hunted down by Inspector Kobick. Land of the Giants would be Irwin Allen's 4th and final time for a prime time series. Previous entrees included; Time Tunnel, Lost in Space and Voyage to the Bottom Of the Sea.

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    Lost In Space

    Premiered 1968

    Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!

    Lost In Space Theme

    Oddly, this series started out attempting some serious and dramatic science fiction, but in my opinion was a little too subdued in the first season. It wasn't until season two (shot in color) that it became more of a younger viewer's show. Part of the reason was because CBS had just launched a very 'campy' show, full of bright and vivid characters and color, called 'Batman.' 'Lost in Space' was in direct competition with Batman (on ABC), so Irwin Allen and company, decided to take 'the low road' to compete. In the original pilot episode (recut later and used in the first few episodes) there was no Robot and no Doctor Smith. Although the show contained many fine actors; Guy Williams (Zorro) and June Lockhart, it would showcase the mishaps of Doctor Smith (who would do anything to get back to Earth), Will Robinson (boy genius) and their mechanical side-kick, Robot. Campy? Yes! But, still being lost was never so much fun.

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    Six Million Dollar Man

    Premiered 1974

    "We Can Rebuild Him."

    Six Million Dollar Man Theme

    Based on the book, Cyborg, written by Martin Caidin, The Six Million Dollar Man follows the adventures of Colonel Steve Austin. After being injured in a crash of an experimental aircraft, Austin's shattered body is secretly 'rebuilt' by the OSI.Equipped with atomic powered limbs, the Colonel is now, better, stronger, faster' than the average man. The SMDM ran for five seasons on ABC and created a spin off (on another network-NBC) The Bionic Woman. This was one of my favorite shows growing up and I couldn't wait every week to see the next adventure of the Bionic Man.

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    Premiered 2001

    Smallville Theme (Save Me - Remy Zero)

    The story of Superman has been told numerous times on TV and in film, but in Smallville, the creators really captured the heart and soul of Clark Kent. The series takes place in the early development years of CK. Clark is a mere High School student going through all the growing pains of a regular teenager, but saddled with being from another planet. Season to season, this show had the biggest bang for it's buck. I felt it lost it's way a few times, but after 10 years of being on the air, you can't hit it out of the park every time. There were points in the series were is strayed away from the comics (or cannon) of the man of steel. (Jimmy Olsen dying, Chloe Sullivan-who was never in the comics), but were were introduced to the Justice Society, Green Arrow, The Flash and of course, Superman's evil nemesis, Lex Luther (who's relationship began as a friendship in the series).

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    Twilight Zone

    Premiered 1959

    "Your Next Stop-The Twilight Zone."

    The Twilight Zone Theme

    Although not true sci-fi, this series has enough of the supernatural feel, to put it on my list. Twilight Zone ran for 5 years, but back in the late 50's/early sixties, they made a lot of shows per season. The first year they made 36 episodes. The final total, when it was all said and done, was 138 half hour episodes and 18 one-hour shows. That's a lot of trips to the fifth dimension of 'sight and sound.' For a handful of my favorite Episodes check out my blog for my Top 10 Favorites.

    The Twilight Zone got a lot of great actors on 'their way up," including; Ron Howard, Charles Bronson, Peter Falk, Burt Reynolds Dennis Hopper and MANY others. Lots of fans and critics have had issues with the quality stories of season five. By then, many of the show's directors had left and people felt the writing was suffering. But, season 5 brought us; Living Doll (Talky Tina), Nightmare at 20,000 Feet (with William Shatner) and The Masks.

    Next time you're searching for something to watch, why not slip into the dimension of imagination. An area that is called-The Twilight Zone.

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    The Night Stalker

    Premiered 1974

    Kolchak: The Night Stalker Theme

    X-Files Creator, Chris Carter, has sited The Night Stalker as the biggest inspiration behind his long-running series. Very edgy and advanced for it's time, the premise is simple. Carl Kolchak is a 'beat' reporter, but it seems he has a nack for following stories of the unknown. In the course of the two pilot made-for-TV-movies and 20 episodes, Kolchak uncovered; vampires, werewolves, Jack the Ripper, a rampaging robot, a swamp monster and a female demon. If you're a fan of the X-files, you should do yourself a favor and go back and revisit this series.

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    Quantum Leap

    Premiered 1989

    "Dr. Samuel Beckett stepped into the imaging chamber and vanished."

    Quantum Leap Theme

    While 'Time Tunnel' was set in the desert of Arizona, Project 'Quantum Leap' was based in the desert of New Mexico. Creator, Donald Bellisario says the inspiration to the hit tv show was "Heaven Can Wait," starring Warren Beatty. Although, the similarities to Time Tunnel run almost parallel. Dr. Samuel Beckett describes the (show's) theory of time travel like a piece of string. For most of it's five year run, Sam would leap only in his lifespan, August 8, 1953 onward. Sam also had some early brushes with greatness and soon to be greatness, including; Buddy Holly, Michael Jackson, Woody Allen and Sylvester Stallone. Plus, actor Scott Bakula had some great moments in which he sang on the show.

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    Star Trek

    Premiered 1966

    "To Boldly Go, Where No man Has Gone Before"

    Star Trek Theme

    It's the show that has become a sci-fi classic and about to celebrate it's 45th anniversary. It has become a cultural icon and is what many science fiction shows strive for in today's world.

    Not bad for a little TV show (on NBC) that was in risk of being canceled after just 1 season. At the end of the day, Star Trek, lead by Captain James T. Kirk lead the Enterprise through 79 episode in the mid-late 60's and spawned 22 animated episodes, 4 spin-offs, 11 movies (with another J.J. Abram's film in pre-production as we speak) and a merchandising giant. It may not be your personal favorite show, but you can't talk to anyone about sci-fi without it coming up in conversation. People may say they're Trekkers not Trekkies, or visa verse, but at the end of the day, we all want to be apart of Capt. Kirk's crew and "seek out new life and new civilizations" aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise.