'Weird Al' Yankovic & Rick Andrews In San Luis Obispo, Ca 2000
Photo Courtesy Rick Andrews

Well the 'end of the world' was predicted for earlier this year and, well it didn't happen. But, that didn't stop 'Weird Al' Yankovic from making his own prediction of the 'Alpocalypse' with his brand new cd with the above mentioned title.

One thing Al hates is when you ask him if this is his comeback album. His reply is, "I NEVER went anywhere, so how can it be comeback."

The new date of the "Alpocalypse' is Tuesday, June 21 (also, the first day of Summer) and the release date of his new album. I have gone to Al's website (which is streaming his new album) and have listen to it three times,so far, in 24 hours. This is classic Al, as he takes on songs from B.o.B ('Another Tattoo'), Taylor Swift ('TMZ'), Miley Cyrus ('Party in the CIA') and a very heavily-influenced Doors sounding 'Craig's List.' This album, like all of his others are sprinkled with original compositions too, 'Ringtone,' 'Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me,' the hilarious 'Skipper Dan' and of course his signature Polka Song, called 'Polka Face,' where he takes on pop music and puts it to a polka...beat?

A lot of these songs were performed at his concert at the Amarillo Globe News Center earlier this year and they are all still relevant and hilarious.

So, with my overflowing admiration and highly praised thoughts on his new album, here's a look at my top 10 favorite "Weird Al" songs.


My Balogna (My Sharona - The Knack)

1983 "Weird Al Yankovic"
This has to make the list, just for the fact that this is where it all began. Recorded in the bathroom at Cal Poly University in San Luis Obispo, Ca. The Bathroom is right across the hall from KCPR, the college radio station where Al was a DJ in college.

Perform This Way (Born This Way - Lady Gaga)

2011 "Alpocalypse"
When Al originally put this song together, Lady Gaga's 'handlers' said, there is no way he can put this on his new record. She didn't like it. But, after digging a little bit deeper, it was found out that GaGa never had even heard the song. Once she did though, she loved it and Al was able to put this on the album and use it as the lead single to the new cd.

Skipper Dan

2009 "Internet Leaks" EP
An inspiring actor who ends up working as a tour guide at the Jungle Cruise Ride.


2009 "Internet Leaks" EP
Only Al could come up with a song honoring everybody's favorite Match Game panelist Charles Nelson Reilly. This video has been surfing around the web for over a year and the fine folks at Jib-Jab even let you put your face in the video.

You're Pitiful (You're Beautiful - James Blunt)


I'm not really sure why this song didn't make the album, but Al performs it regularly in concert. Either James Blunt or his record company didn't approve of it. So, somebody, somewhere doesn't have a sense a humor, I guess.

(Editor Note: this is a fan made video)


Jurassic Park (MacArthur Park - Richard Harris)

1993 "Alapalooza"
I think I like this one, because I have been a fan of the original song "MacArthur Park," originally recorded by Richard Harris and then rerecorded by Donna Summer.

Amish Paradise (Gansta's Paradise - Coolio)

1996 "Bad Hair Day"
This came under some fire in the press when at first it was reported that Coolio approved of this parody and then later said he didn't.

Don't Download This Song

2006 "Straight Outta Lynwood"
Napster, Livewire, etc. Not only an original composition from Al, but it also carries a message.

Ebay (I Want It This Way - Backstreet Boys)

2003 "Poodle Hat"


If you know someone who 'Ebays,' then you completely understand this.

(Editors Note: This is a fan made video)


The Saga Begins (American Pie - Don McLean)

1999 "Running With Scissors"
Star Wars fans rejoice. Al brings out his inner-geek big time on my all-time favorite song of his.