Summer officially begins on June 21st, but the onslaught of, what Hollywood hopes, Blockbusters are ready to roll out at the theaters. Before I give you my top five of can't miss/can't wait to see movies, I forewarn you that these are just MY personal favorites that I'm looking forward to. There are MANY more to see over the summer. And with the 90-100 degree temps, who wouldn't enjoy an couple of hours in an air conditioned movie theater.
So, grab some popcorn and a big 'ole soda and check out my top five for the summer.

#1 Green Lantern

"In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night" Entertainment Weekly's 'Sexiest man Alive,' Ryan Reynolds stars in this latest comic book adaption to head to the big screen. Cocky test pilot Hal Jordon is chosen as the first Human successor of the 'ring' to become a Green Lantern. The special effects look amazing and the actors are top-notch, the big question will be if the script holds up. Either way, I will be there on June 17th to decide for myself.

Green Lantern-Rated PG-13 In Theaters June 16

#2 CARS 2

I've simply got two words, Disney & Pixar. This is a can't miss. Luckily, John Lasseter and his team don't fall into a 'follow-up' sequel, but instead take these lovable characters from Radiator Springs and moves them to the World Grand Prix in Tokyo and introduces us to some new 'friends.' Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy return, respectively, as Lightning McQueen and Mater. One of my new favorite characters is Super-Spy, Finn McMissle, impeccably voiced by Michael Caine. All I can say it's, "Gentlemen start your engines!" I'll be driving MY car to the theaters on June 24th.

Cars 2-Rated G In Theaters June 24


"Where were you, when they took over the planet?" My answer, sitting in the theater on June 29th watching the third installment from Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg.  Shia LaBeouf returns as Sam Witwicky as he and the Autobots race against the Decepticons as they search for a Cybertonian Spacecraft that is hidden on the moon. Josh Duhamel also returns along with some new characters introduced, including "Dr. McDreamy," Patrick Dempsey.  On a side note, for avid 'Trekkies' Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock) comes out of retirement to voice 'Sentinel Prime.' My favorite from the Transformer movies is, without a doubt, 'Bumblebee." What an actor.

Transformers: Dark of The Moon-Rated PG-13 In Theaters June 29


We have fallen in love with the characters and over the past decade they have grown and matured right before our eyes. But, on July 15th 'all good things, must come to an end.' The eighth, seventh if you go by the books, and final chapter of Harry Potter comes to an end. Even if you have read or re-read the books, this is the battle we have all been waiting for. Harry vs. 'He who shall not be named' go at it and only one can walk away from it. Although I was not blown away with part one, I am eagerly awaiting the second act and final chapter of what has become one of the biggest movie franchises ever. "It's time to finish this they way we started it, together!"

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, Pt. 2-Rated PG-13 In Theaters July 15


OK, this one is a 'guilty pleasure' for me. I have been a Planet of The Apes fan since the first movie in in 1968, starring Charlton Heston. How can you go wrong with the Rod Serling spin at the end with the Statue of Liberty on the beach. CLASSIC!.

Rise of The Planet of The Apes is intended as an origin story, starring James Franco. The plot is pretty straight forward, it's set in present day San Francisco and man is experimenting with genetic engineering (never a good thing in the movies). The apes develop intelligence and the rest is history, literally. And as an homage to the original five movies, the lead ape is named, Caesar. For non-fans, Caesar was played by Roddy McDowell in the last two ape films, "Battle For"  and "Conquest of the Planet of The Apes."

I honestly don't know if this will be a blockbuster like the above four, but Ape fans will surely go bananas for this flick on August 5th.

Rise of The Planet of The Apes: Not Yet Rated In Theaters August 5

Now that you've seen my top five picks for the summer, what are the movies you're most looking forward to?