Robin Robinson, should be named the official Grinch of 2011.  In a news story about mall Santas that aired live on Fox in Chicago she told her viewers that they should stop telling their kids that Santa Claus is real.

Robin Robinson starts spewing her opinions at 2:50 in the video below.


OK where does this reporter get off telling people on live TV that Santa isn't real?

Santa is very real and lives in the North Pole.  He visits our house every single Christmas Eve and leaves the greatest gifts and politely eats our not so great cookies.

Not only that every year after Thanksgiving, Santa sends one of his very own elves to watch over Ethan until Christmas Eve.

Pshaw!  No Santa, I truly think the Grinch has taken over this woman.

Santa is real if it is truly in your heart.  I'm an adult and Santa still visits me because I believe!

Robin Robinson offers her apology.