First it was Regis saying goodbye on 'Live With Regis and Kelly" and next up will be Matt Lauer moving off  into the sunset on "Today." Just like the speculation around Regis' departure on who would replace him, now the rumors are circulating on who will be the successor to the Today crown. The one name that keeps coming up is, Ryan Seacrest.

NBC/Universal is keeping pretty mum on this, but The Wall Street Journal is passing along some information that they have received.

Several NBC execs have met with Seacreast and are in preliminary talks. So, basically it is in the VERY early stages. Then again, this could just be a 'negotiation tactic' according to WSJ.

If he did end up getting the gig, I would think he would have to move from Los Angeles, where he does his radio show, American Idol and co-hosts E! News, to New York, where the Today Show is shot.

Lauer will step down from the Today Show next year.

Can you imagine waking up one morning, turning on NBC and seeing Ryan's pearly whites and hearing,

"Good Morning!" Today on NBC."

Maybe we will find out more information on this story......'AFTER the break.'

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