When it comes to movies I like a good scare.  You have horror movies and you have scary movies. Today I'm going to focus on the scary movies.  So here is my top 5 list of movies that scared me.  Some of your favorite scary movies might not have made the list, I have watched a lot of movies, but if they were made before and during the 80's most of the time, the scariness wanes because of the bad effects.  So if it scared me senseless it is on this list.  You will notice that most of these movies could happen and those are the ones that terrify me.   I'll start from #5 being the movie that scared me the least to #1 which still bothers me to this day.

  • 5

    The Last Exorcism

    This movie is about a minister on his way to perform his last exorcism.  It stars Peter Fabian as Cotton Marcus, who agreed to let a documentary crew film his last exorcism.

    It is the ending of the movie that scared me.  It haunted me for days after watching this movies.

    There was a sequel but I didn't watch it because the first one did enough damage.

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    Paranormal Activity

    I believe in Angels and therefore I truly believe in demons and this movie shows vividly that demons can and do exist.

    After the success of this movie, the studio release 3 other sequels.

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    This movie ruined clowns for me forever.  It was the clown that terrified me.  That and the old coffins popping up out of the grave.  Not to mention the jelly Carol and and her mother were covered in.

    Plus, "There hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

    Plus, the little creepy lady.


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    The Blair Witch Project

    Let me just say this movie had a brilliant marketing plan.  Footage found in the woods about a group of kids who disappear.

    You can still find people to this day that still believe this was a true story.  Other movies followed suit to the way this film was marketed and filmed (Paranormal Activity, The Last Exorcism, etc.)

    The reason this scared me so much is because of the end where the one kid is just standing in the corner in his beanie hat.  Well I didn't see this in the theater, I saw this year's ago, when I was living alone in my tiny little apartment. It was about 2a in the morning and my best friend decided he didn't want to drive back to Canyon and he had a key so he was just going to sleep on my couch.  Well here I am, 2am, at the end of this movie and he comes walking through my door wearing a beanie.  Top of my lungs scream.  To this day I refuse to watch this movie again.

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    The Strangers

    This movie scared me to the core.  The reason this movie scares me this much is because this could in fact happen in real life.  People are that evil.

    Old house out in the middle of nowhere, evil people terrorizing innocent people.

    NO WAY!

    I will not and refuse to answer my door after dark.

    Why us, "because you were home."

    Still gives me nightmares.