While the Seahawks and Broncos are gearing up for the big game on Sunday, the cute and clever ads that we'll be seeing in between the action are already making their way to the internet and some are going viral.

The one that caught my attention was Scarlett Johansson's commercial for SodaStream.

CBS has 'rejected' the commercial to air on game day. At this time the network has not given a reason why, but many are speculating it's because of the four words Scar-Jo utters at the end.

 'Sorry Coke and Pepsi.'

My thoughts: Coke and Pepsi are major sponsors and they got a little nervous about being 'called out'  in the TV ad.

Because of all the buzz about this, SodaStream's awareness in the public has been raised. Great for them and bad for Coke and Pepsi, sorry.

Take a look at SodaStreams uncensored commercial.