I can only imagine how much mail a super star celebrity receives each day.  However, when fans write letters they expect to have them opened and at least scanned.  I know I'm not naive enough to think that the celebrity reads each letter themselves.  If that were the case they would never be able to work.  However, when a woman recycling newspapers found a box of unopened fan mail for Taylor Swift in a Nashville recycling bin, Taylor may be in some hot water with her fans.

Eamonn McCormack/Getty Images

Like I said, I know that a person with the status that Taylor Swift has can possibly read millions of letters she receives from fans. However, I'm sure there is a young girl out there or boy who actually thinks Taylor will read their letter. Someone in Taylor's camp dropped the ball big time when they chunked these letters in the recycling bin.

Even though it wasn't exactly Taylor's fault, the Taylor haters will use this against the super star.