Evolution has been being taught in school for many years now, even though it is just a theory. The idea that human evolution started in primordial ooze and from that started the beginning of what we are today, is something that is being pushed at all students across the country.

My question is, if the ‘THEORY’ of evolution is taught in schools, why can’t the ‘THEORY’ of creationism be taught in schools as well? It is also a theory that has great merit according to many academics across the globe. The idea that one theory can be taught in school, while another one (that in many cases is just as proven) is disallowed, is rather discerning. If they are both theories, both have backed evidence by academics all over the world, shouldn’t they both be offered up to the academic minds of the future?

Should they have a balanced educational experience which teaches another theory? Creationism, the idea that there is a greater intelligence or design to life as we know it. There is just as much evidence of this as there is of evolution, yet this theory is laughed at by scholars and most professors.

If they have such “belief” in the theory of evolution, then what is the harm in offering up another theory. If the evolution theory is so bullet-proof, then there should be no issue with this. Yet, professors who have offered this as a topic of study in their class rooms have been vilified and ostracized in the academic community.

There are academics that have proven as many theories in favor of Creationism including Intelligent Design as have been proven of Evolution and more. Many holes have been shot through what were once considered solid evolutionary facts. I don’t understand why it is not even considered, and for those who do, they are slandered.

It is a debate for the true academics of the world, but colleges, professors and politics won’t let that happen. I say let the truth be sought. In schools from Elementary through university. If one is taught, I believe both should be taught.