I grew up with grandparents who lived out in the country so every July 4th we were able to go to their house and pop fireworks.  Its one of my favorite memories as a child. 

Of course my favorite fireworks were not the big flashy ones, but the small ones.  I loved the one that would shoot the parachute with the little man attached.  It was rare I would ever get the little man and parachute because it would get caught in a tree.  My other favorites were the sparklers.  They were so colorful and fun.

As I got older I didn't have the chance to shoot fireworks because my grandparents moved into town.  When I ventured out on my own,  I moved to Amarillo and I have always lived in town so popping fireworks is a distant memory.  Plus, I would never even consider popping fireworks in the city, because there are to many homes and to many families that would be at risk.

That is why each 4th of July I get so irritated when the neighbors across the alley set off fireworks until the early hours of the morning.

Fireworks are  illegal inside the city limits of Amarillo.

However, that isn't the reason I would like to see the ban on fireworks. The reason is we have seen thousands upon thousands of acres across the Panhandle burned.

We have all joined together and raised money for over 80 families that lost their homes due to the wildfires.

So why would anyone want to chance setting the Panhandle on fire again by purchasing fireworks and setting them off.

It is being considered in Potter and Randall Counties to ban the sale of fireworks.  Since fireworks are already illegal inside the city limits of Amarillo,  this would make it illegal to sell fireworks in each county.

It seems like banning the sale of fireworks is the safe choice but the safest isn't always the easiest.

I know that the 4th of July is a few weeks away and it is possible that we could get floods of rain but it seems highly unlikely that we will get enough to get us out of this drought.

So I guess my question is, Do you think there should be a ban on the sale of fireworks in Potter and Randall county?