What's going on?

Will It Ever Rain Again?
Will it ever rain again? The short answer is YES. But it sure hasn't felt like it lately around the Texas panhandle.
Sinkhole Opens Along 34th Avenue
Even with a lack of rainfall in Amarillo, a large sinkhole has opened up along 34th Avenue just east of the intersection with Osage Street.
New Name For One Of Amarillo's Largest Companies
You've driven past it countless times on your way to Rick Husband International Airport. There's even a good chance you have seen them hard at work repairing machinery or testing new prototypes on the tarmac.
A New Park Where Everyone Can Play
Enjoying a day out at the local park is something that many of us take for granted. For some kids with special needs and disabilities, a day on the playground isn't as easy as you might think. That's where Milestones Development and Play Park in Lubbock will come in.
Why Is My Amazon Box So Big?
You've ordered something on Amazon. Something small, let's say a new pair of wireless earbuds. Fits easily in the palm of your hand, right? So why did the box Amazon shipped it to you in a box the size of a Smart Car?
Texas Is One Of The Most Sinful States
Every state has it's problems, and every state likes to blames the others for that fact. Nevada, for instance, ranks #1 when it comes to 'greed' and gambling addition, while New Mexico has the most thefts per capita.