What's going on?

Turkey For Me, Turkey For You
Everyone loves Christmas. You'll probably get a lot of different answers for 2nd place. Some love New Years Eve, others July 4th, but Thanksgiving has to be my favorite holiday. Turkey, family, and Dallas Cowboys football, make the day special.
Is Falling In Love Good For You?
You watch a lot of those sappy movies on the Hallmark channel and everyone is falling in love. It is a magical feeling. Is it healthy for you?
Taco Tuesday Is A Texas Gift To The World
I always have time to eat tacos. I always have room for tacos. For years, I have a finite definition of tacos, even down to the shell. But since the taste of Texas has gone worldwide, the ingredients of tacos has been improved upon.
Good News: Smoking Is Out!
There is no surprise that smoking is bad for you. We have known that for years. Stop smoking has been the message.
5 Ways To Enjoy Your Fireplace
Amarillo finds itself under a Winter Storm warning and nothing makes the time you may spend at home, more comfy, than a fireplace. To make that time safe and and enjoyable, here are 5 things, you should make part of your fire time.
Let It Snow, Let It Snow Yo!
t appears that Amarillo and the panhandle stand a good chance of snow over the weekend, Before you roll your eyes, let me try to make a case for it. I grew up near El Paso, known and the "Sun City" and for good reason.The only day we saw snow, was usually the day of the "Sun Bowl.&quo…
Ch-Ch-Changes On Bell
Driving south on Bell street in Amarillo, has become an adventure and it's absolutely free. Some knowledge of what you saw in morning, can help decide what's gone as you drive by in the afternoon.
Tamale Season is Starting Here in Amarillo
We do have a lot of great seasons and a lot of great foods to kick them off. We have green chili season, pumpkin season and NOW it's the start of tamale season.
Amarillo's Fried Chicken War Heats Up
Amarillo is becoming ground zero in the fried chicken wars. One chicken franchise is expanding and another has called it quits in the Yellow City.

Food Coma's Take Up A Lot Of Our Time
With Thanksgiving a little over two weeks from now we already know most of that day will be spend in a coma. Right? I mean if you do it right you will!