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5 Movies To Spice Up Valentine's Night
Valentine's Day night is the perfect time rekindle the fires of romance. If you're going to watch a movie for inspiration, there some some tried and true films stand the test of time for Cupid. & Co.
What Do People Want On Valentine's Day?
Only 51% of Americans are planning to celebrate Valentine's day, and that's down from an all-time high 2007, according to a new survey. Are we less in love or are people sitting out a made-up holiday?
Couples Do Break Up On Valentine's Day
On a day set aside for Cupid and his magical arrows, all is not well. A new study says 7% of Americans, have called kaput-ski in their relationship on Valentine's Day. A few more will wait until the next day.
Does Half-Eaten Food Bother You?
i have plenty to do, thank you very much, but necessity has been cutting through the break room, to get to the boss's office. So, yeah I see the donut box with half a donut, still in it. Does this bother you?
Saturday Is National Pizza Day
I love when food gets their own day. National Ice Cream Day, or Steak Day or Calf Fry day. Is that a thing? It should be. Maybe tomorrow, we'll put calf fries on pizza!
WT's White Buffalo Is Gone From The Hill
As long as I have lived in the panhandle, West Texas A&M's white buffalo, has stood guard, on a hill along side Kimbrough Memorial Stadium.Yesterday, it moved, It's due for some cleaning and painting, before it heads to it's new home.