What's going on?

Turkey Time At The Fair, Sets Me Up For Fall
When I hear the Tri-State Fair is approaching, my mouth begins to water. The fair is my gateway to the fall holidays. You can have the Indian Tacos, Funnel Cakes, and fried pickles. The turkey legs are mine. I love "Turkey Leg" season.
All About That Sauce, 'Bout That Sauce, No Sugar
Fall in the Texas panhandle brings, football, Kids Inc soccer and the Amarillo Chamber Of Commerce's Good Time Celebration BBQ cook-off. There are ribs, as far as the eye can see, some with sauce-some dry. How do you like yours?
Getting Sleep is a Real Problem For Us
Apparently getting to sleep is really a problem for a lot of us. Now even the military is weighing in on a way that you can fall asleep in two minutes. Two minutes.....
The Radio Station Spoils Me With Our Snack Bar
The world is crazy. 24 new cycles, Jim Parsons is leaving The Big Bang Theory and I'm suppose to burn my house down, to prove to the guy who made the bricks for it, that I don't like choices he has made.