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Want To Own A Jukebox?
If you own a jukebox or you're looking for one, comment in the section below. We' love to see pictures, or hear about the best jukebox you ever saw.
What Is The Perfect Nap?
There are times, only a nice catnap will do. A new survey asked people to name the elements of a good nap.
Can This Hack Cure a Sunburn?
You spent too much time in the sun. We know we need sunscreen and to reapply it....but that didn't happen and now you have a sunburn. Is What can you do?
[Update] 2018 Tri-State Fair Parade.. Back on!
The Tri-State Fair holds some 94 years of memories, but one will be missing this year. The parade that kicks off Tri-State Fair week, has been cancelled due what the the fair officials are calling "several concerns."
Clean Out The Office Fridge!
There are many benefits of having an office refrigerator. It's a great place to store lunch or you feel the need to keep something cold. So, who cleans it out? Who gets that job?
What is in a Handshake?
You're in a work situation and you are about to meet someone new. Do you shake their hand? Yes or no?
Yes, The Summer Of '69 Was Awesome!
Every summer, Bryan Adam's song "Summer Of '69" is all over the radio. Great tune, but was that summer really great? Yes, it was. I was 13 that summer and it seemed I lived at the local swimming pool, and most of my memories of that time, revolve around that location.