What's going on?

The Amarillo Zoo is Getting Eggcited
You can't have Easter without some amazing animals, and you can't have some amazing animals without the Amarillo Zoo. That's why you need to mark your calendars for the Amarillo Zoo's Easter Egg-citement. Even the animals get in on the Easter fun.
Places to Have Fun in Amarillo on Spring Break
We are less than a week from Spring Break in the Texas Panhandle and although we aren't Daytona Beach, Disney World or Cozumel, we do have a lot of fun things to do on that wonderful week off from school.
I-40 at Georgia Will Now Be Under Construction
If you thought I-40 didn't have enough construction going on, you were right! They thought I-40 could use more and so Georgia is not getting their own piece of the construction pie.
Pepe Needs a Home Full of Love and Cuddles
This week's pet of the week has some what of a sad story. Pepe is a sweet baby, who came from a home where he wasn't treated very well. Pepe is looking for a family where he will be loved and cuddled on and where he doesn't have to be scared. He's sweet, kind, and full of love…