What's going on?

It's time to get Jazzy with Center City at Jazztober
It's time to get Jazzy with Center City of Amarillo, every Tuesday night in October . It's an evening of wonderful Jazz on the grounds of the Bivins Mansion, which is home to the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce and Center City of Amarill at 10th and Polk.
Fall Fun for the Kids at the Amarillo Botanical Gardens PumpkinFe
Fall is a fun time in Amarillo. Football, the fair, the cooler weather and pumpkins. Pumpkins are the mascot of fall and the time is now to celebrate the pumpkin. The Amarillo Botanical Garden has the perfect way to celebrate fall and the pumpkin at PumpkinFest.
New Study Shows Amarillo is Not a Fun City
In my personal opinion, I think Amarillo is a great place to live, work and raise a family. Yes, the city has its issues, but so does every city. But, is Amarillo a fun city to live?
Taz the Chubby Chiweenie Will Bring the Joy to Your Family
This week we have a wonderful dog named Taz. He's 7-years old and so full of fun. He would make a great dog for you and your family. Plus, he loves to play ball. He is a chunky monkey, but that just gives him his character. Meet him now!
Coffee Memorial Gives Blood Recipients Chance to Thank-The-Donor
When you give blood you do it to save a life.  You don't know whose life you save, but you do it to make a difference.  When you receive blood, you don't know who gave it.  You don't know who took an hour out of their day to donate to save your life.  You owe your …
Join PetSmart for National Adoption Weekend
If you have been wanting a pet, a new companion, a friend for life, then a wonderful opportunity to celebrate pet adoption and find your new best friend is happening with PetSmart.
Big Boy Bono Needs a Forever Home
Debra brought us a furry feline full of love. This week she brought us Bono. Looking back the Amarillo SPCA brought us Bono a month or so ago along with his sister Betsy. However, Bono is still at the Amarillo SPCA and is still in need for a forever home.
New Study Shows Amarillo is a Good Place to Raise a Family
We all want to live in a place where we can raise a family. Some of us grew up in Amarillo and have stayed and made this place a home for our children. Others have left and returned to raise their family. Some have relocated to Amarillo because it is a good place to raise a family.
The 2018 Amarillo Tri-State Fair September 14th - 22nd
The Amarillo Tri-State Fair celebrates their 95th anniversary this year. For 95 years people of the Texas Panhandle and their families have been enjoying the good times and great memories of the Tri-State Fair and Rodeo.