What's going on?

The High Rise Apartments in Amarillo is Actually a Cool Place!
There is this high rise apartment building just off Georgia. We have all seen it, and know it's there and see it every time you pass Georgia on I-40 or drive on Georgia. You can't miss it. It's a cream colored building with blue all around.
Change is a Hard Pill to Swallow
Today is a milestone for my son and also myself. Today we find ourselves turning the page on one chapter and starting a new chapter. Those words make it sound easy, but the truth is, it's not easy, it's hard and it hurts the heart.
Amarillo is A Good Place to Retire
As you get older, you do start to think about retirement. Everyone always says when you are young, make smart choices and start your retirement fund early. At the time, you're like "nah, I'll have plenty of time." The older I get the more I realize that no, you won't have…
The WiFi/Cable Apocalypse Hit My House Yesterday
You know the saying you don't know what you've got til it's gone. Well that is exactly what happened yesterday at my house. We went back in time to the days where we did not have WiFi.
Back to School Safety Tips For Amarillo Parents and Kids
The first day of school is upon us, and will be here on Wednesday. I'm right along with you when I say, the summer went by so fast. However, here's something we always need to keep in mind as our kids go back to school and that is the safety of our kids.
Mostly Maintenance Closures Will Slow You Down this Week
Welcome to the start of a new work week and the start of school week. Lots of maintenance work going on this week. Just keep an eye out and be safe making your way through construction zones. As Wednesday rolls around be extra careful in school zones and areas around schools as our kids head back…
Celebrate the End of Summer with Some Splash Time In Arlington
Back to school time is here and we are all getting back into our routines. However, we still have some time to still enjoy summer before fall gets here. That's why we have your chance to head down to Arlington and have some fun at Hurricane Harbor.
Beautiful Bailey Is Waiting For You
Debra with the Amarillo SPCA brought us Bailey. Bailey is about 3 months old and is looking for a family to join and love. They aren't quite sure Bailey's mix, but I she'll be a good dog. Most mutts are the best dogs in the world. Meet her now.
It's A Swimming Party for Your Dogs
When was the last time you took your dog to a swimming party. Let's face it we love to swim and so does your dog, so why not let them have a blast in the pool.
WTAMU Launching New Extended Studies Program
West Texas A&M University is launching a new program. A new program that is open to anyone. The best thing about this program is you get to learn some fun things and you don't have to study or worry about tests. I would call it fun learning.
Local Special Needs Child Has Pet Iguana Stolen From Home
Pets are the most amazing things in this world. They are our family and we love them. When we lose them it breaks our hearts. But, when someone heartlessly takes our pets from us, then we are left with heartache, anger and disbelief. Now a sweet girl is dealing with all those feeling.
Amarillo ISD Kicks Off Back to School with #AISDlipsyncchallenge
When it comes to lip sync challenges you either love them or you hate them. I haven't seen a middle of the road on these videos flowing through our social media. However, this challenge might bring us all together. This makes me want to go back to school. Amarillo ISD has put forth a lip sy…
A New Affordable Way to Have Your Pet Microchipped
If you have a pet then your pet should have a microchip. This is one of the most important decisions you should make as a pet owners. Collars come off and tags fall off and if your pet is microchipped you can still be found.
Celebrate National S'mores Day with the Girl Scouts
National S'mores Day is coming up on Friday, August 10th. A day to celebrate the ooey gooey goodness of graham crackers, roasted marshmallows and chocolate. It makes me want to drool just thinking about it.
You Can Help the AAM&W Clear Out the Shelter
It just seems like more and more pets are being abandoned and not claimed. This isn't a good thing. All of our shelters in the area are busting at the seams with animals, strays, unclaimed, etc.
An Amarillo Favorite Adding a Second Location
If you have ever been north of Amarillo Blvd on N. Hughes Street then you have driven past this restaurant and if you have been inside this restaurant then you know the heaven that lays inside those walls.
Various Lane Closures All Over Amarillo Might Slow You Down
No matter where you are traveling in Amarillo this week, you will probably be slowed down at some point day or night due to various lane closures all over the city. From striping operations to mowing to paving, your commutes may be slowed. Here's the areas you want to watch out for as you ar…
Miracles Were Made with Blizzards
Miracle Treat Day 2018 has officially ended but what a Miracle Treat Day! Thank you to everyone who came out and bought a Blizzard. All funds raised yesterday will got to our local Children's Miracle Network. They will stay local to help local kids.