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Travel North or South at I-40 and Bell? Find an Alternate Route
Just when you thought it was safe to travel I-40 and Bell, think again, it will be a bit chaotic this week as they put the finishing touches on the construction project. If you don't want to be caught in a long line of traffic, you might want to find an alternate route this week. Here's…
Back to School Supply Lists for Amarillo ISD
I know we don't want to start thinking about back to school but as of yesterday, we are a month away from the first day of school. If you are in the mood to do your school shopping early here's the school supply lists for Amarillo ISD.
Southwest Airlines Will No Longer Serve Peanuts
For as long as I can remember one of my favorite things about flying Southwest Airlines was the peanuts. I couldn't wait for the flight attendants to start walking down the aisle with those baskets filled with packets of peanuts. Peanuts were a part of flying Southwest and that tradition is …
Amarillo Airport to Offer TSA Pre-Check - Enrollment Starts Soon
One of the worst parts of traveling is the pre-check. You get to the airport way before your flight leaves, you check your bag and then you go through security. You have to take off your shoes, pull your electronics out of their bags and turn them on and it just takes forever. Now all that is abo…
Cato Cuddles are Waiting for You
Debra with the Amarillo SPCA dropped by and brought us Cato. Cato was an owner surrender and needing someone who will give him a forever home. He needs a new family. Can you love this little fella for the rest of his life? Then get by the Amarillo SPCA today.
Lori's 80's Arcade Weekdays at Noon
It was the decade of excess and the decade of some really great hits. Each weekday I'll dig into the library and play some of your 80's favorites.
Great Safety Tips to Follow for Your Next BBQ
Having a get together especially a BBQ with friends and family is always great. It's fun to connect, have fun and eat some good food. The things that make life great. However, it's always great to make sure we keep that BBQ safe.