[/caption]One thing we always hate to hear in a relationship is, "I think we would be better off friends." For most of us, this means only one thing, the relationship is over. I don't know about you, but it takes me some time to get over a breakup, before we can move into the "friends" stage.

Author of "What He Can't Tell And Needs to Say," Brenda Shoshonna, Ph.D, shows you some of the "warning signs" that the relationship may be over.

  • He's distant. If your beau is spending more and more time with the guys or zones out to the TV while you're together, he could be trying to detach, hoping that you'll look for more contact... elsewhere.
  • He has other women on the brain. A guy who constantly brings up other women, including his ex, is going out of his way to upset you. He also may be thinking out loud "I want something else or I was happier when I was single."
  • He makes digs in public. A dude who's too chicken to tell you one-on-one what's bothering him might air your dirty relationship laundry in front of other people, thinking that humiliating you will tempt you to hang out to dry.
  • He's less demonstrative. Does a guy who used to grab for your hand now react when you take his? Withdrawing physical affection, like not putting his arm around you, could be his way of slowing things to an eventual stop.

Neil Sedaka said it best.