A survey by Vaseline reveals that women spend 2 years of their life applying makeup. Read on for other findings.  Some of these are unbelievable!

  • Women spend an average of 722 days perfecting their beauty regime
  • Women spend $18,595 on health and beauty products
  • 10% of women spend nearly two hours a day getting ready
  • 30% of women spend 40 minutes a day perfecting their look
  • One in 19 women dedicate time to their beauty regime in order to look good in selfies
  • 33% of women feel confident when their skin is looking radiant

So what can women do to save time in the morning?  According to an article on Bustle.com, here are some hacks women can use to save time in the morning:

Let Your Hair Do Itself.  Pick a hairstyle that needs to set.  It's better if you can find one that doesn't need clips or anything painful to sleep on.

Wake Up Already Moisturized. Before you go to bed, apply a BUNCH of moisturizer. It will sink in overnight and save you time in the morning.

Do Your Makeup Last.  You would think you would want to do it first.  But if your skin has more "makeup free" time, it's less likely that you will get smears and need to reapply.

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