I found out some sad news today.  I found out that my high school speech teacher passed away. 

You know you have those teachers that touched your life, and you have those teachers you just wanted to get away from.  She was that teacher for me.  I remember signing up for my first speech class in high school.  I was so excited about it and so excited for what it could bring.  However, when I actually go into the class, I hated it.  It was nothing I imagined it could have been.

She gave me my first "C".  I am not or was not a "C" student and it crushed me.  I was so angry that after finally getting out of that class at the end of the year, I never signed up for another speech class again.

Instead I signed up for theater and one-act play only to find out she had her hand in that as well.

Looking back, I have more respect for that woman that I ever did as a stupid teenager because she helped me lay the ground work for what I do today.  It is because of her and her push for all her students to be great that I find myself where I am today.

Lana Hall was a wonderful teacher to thousands and thousands of students.  She was a friend and a mentor. It wasn't to long ago that Mrs. Hall found me on facebook and I'll never forget the post that she sent me.

It is good to see you Lori, I have been keeping up with you.

To think, she kept up with me since I never really excelled in her classes but she did along with many, many of her other students.

Mrs. Lana Hall you were an amazing teacher and you will be missed.  Thank you so much for your contribution to my education and my life and thank you for pushing your students to greatness.