You can get your fix in just an hour and a half!

Amarillo hardly ever gets the good restaurants first. We've been lucky enough to snag Saltgrass before Lubbock (theirs just opened). However, places like Chipotle settled in Lubbock long before they gave Amarillo a chance.

So this situation is no different. However, it still works in our favor because we get to enjoy some new places after a much shorter drive.

In-N-Out Burger, a California favorite, came to Texas just a few years ago. If someone in Amarillo was craving one of their burgers or some of their animal fries, the closest place to satisfy that craving was Dallas.

As for Panera Bread, the trip was a bit shorter to Albuquerque or Oklahoma City.

However, the two restaurants will be opening in Lubbock's new West End development, dates unknown.

The drive to Lubbock is an easy 1 1/2 hours and just around 300 miles round trip. That's an easy day trip for a delicious hamburger or a bread bowl.

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