The idea of a soul mate is such a romantic thought.  The thought that there is one person out there in the world you are connected to by some twist of fate.  It doesn't even have to be your prince charming or your princess.  It could be a dear friend.


The dictionary defines a soul mate as this:

soul mate

noun: soulmate

a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.

So do you believe in soul mates?  I think I am one of those people that do believe in soul mates.  That one person that you are drawn to and you seem to find that person no matter the time or the distance or the obstacles.

Again that person doesn't have to be your spouse.  That person can be a friend or someone that you just need in your life.  They are their to make a difference in your life.

I was reading a survey about soul mates done by Wakefield Research and it found that 76% of people believe in soulmates.

The survey also found that

33% of people are still waiting to find their soulmate.

I believe that this is true, sometimes it isn't always easy to come across the person that compliments you.  Again it may take years or even decades to find that person.

66% of people feel soulmates are a reality rather than a fantasy

It is very possible that the whole idea of a soul mate is a fantasy, but it is a comforting thought to think that yes, that one person is out there somewhere.  It kind of brings a hope.

On average, people will have four relationships before finding their soul mate

Four relationships seems like so many, but what's the saying, "sometimes you have to kiss a lot of frogs."  Think about it, you have to go through those relationships, through those trials to bring you to the point you know for sure you have found your soul mate.

33% of people regret not introducing themselves to a possible soul mate

I think for just about everyone you are always going to have that "what if" moment in your life.  What if that person was my soul mate, what if I just let that chance pass me by.  Don't live on what ifs, because if that person was your soul mate that person will be in your life.

95% of people in a relationship say their current partner is their soul mate

For those that have their soul mate,  I think you are extremely blessed.  It means your heart is full.  It doesn't mean that life is going to be easy.  It just means that you have found that person that will make life a little better, those challenges a little easier and you will be surrounded with love.

Can a person have more than one soul mate?  I don't think so, I think there is that one person.  That person who just gets you no matter what.

Even though a soul mate can be a friend, I think for most part that a soul mate is your person, your partner, the person you love.  Does it mean you'll be together forever, not necessarily.  It's just that person you have the one connection with that, again, spans space and time.

So when someone asks me, "have you found your soul mate," I just smile at them.

Sometimes in life there is that one person that comes into your life out of the blue with no rhyme or reason.  That person that was put in your life for a reason and you can't quite figure out why.  Then as time moves on it becomes more clear.  They know you.  They can read you like a book.  You know them.  It doesn't matter where they came from or what it took to find them, to find you or vice versa, you just know they are meant to be there in your life and you in their life.

How do you know if you have found your soul mate?

1.  You are comfortable with them

2.  You laugh a lot and it comes easy

3.  You know you can be vulnerable with them and let down your walls

4. You don't even have to use words you know what they are thinking with just a look.

5. When they are in pain you feel it and hurt with them

6. When you see them every part of your body reacts to the site of them.

7.  You want to make them happy no matter what.

8. You have such a connection - everyone around you can see and feel your chemistry

9. Just being in the same room with each other calms you

10.  You just complete each other-  you are the missing piece of the puzzle for each other.