April 5th,  Pocahontas got married, Helen Keller understood water, Peter Jennings announced he had cancer, and Charlton Heston died.

1614 - American Indian princess POCAHONTAS married  colonist JOHN ROLFE in Virginia.

1887 - ANNE SULLIVAN made a breakthrough with her blind and deaf student, HELEN KELLER, by conveying the meaning of the word "water" to her.

1978 - "The Amazing Spider-Man" debuted on CBS.

Yes,  a live-action "Spider-Man" series on TV in the '70s.  And while it looks cripplingly low-tech by today's standards,  if you were a comic book kid back then, it was one of the coolest things you'd EVER SEEN.

1984 - KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR became the all-time NBA regular season scoring leader when he broke WILT CHAMBERLAIN'S record of 31,421 career points.

1987 - The Fox Broadcasting Company made its primetime television debut by launching "Married. . . with Children" and the  "Tracey Ullman Show," which spawned "The Simpsons".

1993 - In the NCAA basketball final, CHRIS WEBBER called for a timeout when Michigan had none remaining.  A technical foul was assessed and Donald Williams hit the free throws to ice the victory for North Carolina.

1993 - A judge in Beverly Hills dropped assault and battery charges against rapper MARKY MARK WAHLBERG, after Marky reached an out-of-court settlement with the man he allegedly beat up.

1994 - KURT COBAIN committed suicide with a shotgun blast to the head.  When his body was discovered three days later, his face wasn't recognizable;  he had to be identified by fingerprints.

1997 - THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G. album "Life After Death", released less than a month after his  death, debuted at #1 on the Billboard chart.

2000 - ZIGGY MARLEY became the official spokesman for the HEMP BAR

2005 - PETER JENNINGS told viewers of ABC NEWS that he had lung cancer.  It was his final broadcast as anchor.  He died four months later, on August 7th.

2008 - CHARLTON HESTON died quietly in his home at the age of 84. He won the Best Actor Oscar for 1959's "Ben-Hur".  He also played Moses in 1956's "The Ten Commandments" and in 1968, he fought apes in the original version of "Planet of the Apes".