The British Group T'Pau formed in 1986 and featured lead vocals from Carol Decker. T'Pau had much more success in the U.K. then in the United States. Their Debut album spawned five hit singles across the pond, but here in the states they were 'one and done.'

Their hit 'Heart And Soul' climbed all the way to Number Four on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. Some of that success can be contributed to the use of the song in a Pepe Jeans commercial. It was big in the U.S., but when first released in the U.K. it didn't reach the same popularity.

While shopping their demo tapes around in the mid-eighties, the group used the name 'Talking America.'

The name T'Pau came from a classic episode of one of the longest running TV franchises in Sci-Fi History. Take a look below to find out what TV show that was.


One of the fan favorite episodes from the second season of Star Trek (1968) was called 'Amok Time.' In the episode, Spock needed to get back to his home planet, Vulcan before he was over taken by the Pon Farr.

Upon arriving on his home planet we are introduced to the High Priestess, T'Pau.

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