So yesterday I was doing some grocery shopping, minding my own business, stocking up on milk, meat, and snacks.  I was in Walmart.  It was a normal trip to the store, nothing strange happened or at least I was oblivious to the situation.  I didn't think anything was weird, even as I exited the building to see a police car parked by the door.  I just thought someone caught a shoplifter.  Yes they did, but it was more serious than that.

I get home, get my groceries put up,  sit down pop open my laptop, get on my facebook then I see something that sent chills down my spine.  Yep, apparently there was a robbery while I was at Walmart.

According to ProNews 7:

Police tell Pronews 7 that a white male was stopped exiting the store for shoplifting.

Officials say he was cooperating with Walmart employees, until he pulled out a knife and fled on foot.

No one was hurt and it's unclear what items he made off with.

The first suspect is described as a white male with short brown hair, 5'10" tall. He was wearing a plaid button down shirt with blue jeans.

Police say he has tattoos on his arms.

He was seen getting into a two-door dark colored vehicle.

So that was the excitement of my Sunday.  Kudos to Walmart for keeping that experience quiet from their shoppers.

What happened to be a simple shoplifting charge for this man, has now become something much worse.

If you do happen to know something about the suspects in this case, please contact the Amarillo Police Department.