A family of a suspected thief is upset after their son was shot while he was allegedly robbing the store.

OK so this kid is attempting to rob a store.  He is holding a man at gun point and a good samaritan pulls his gun to stop the robbery, and the kid reacts and the kid gets shot.

Now mind you according to the news report, the kid was allegedly robbing the store and holding people at gun point,  and he gets shot.  So now his family is upset that their criminal son got shot, while he was allegedly robbing the store.  Really?

Plus, this isn't his first offense.

Why get mad at the good samaritan trying to protect innocent people from your child.  Yes maybe in a alternative world there was a different choice but when you have a violent person trying to hurt innocent people what choice would you have made?

Here's and idea, get mad at your son.

What do you think about this whole situation?