Adrianne Palicki

New Wonder Woman Costume Unveiled
The costume that ADRIANNE PALICKI will wear in NBC's new "Wonder Woman" show has been unveiled.  It's similar to LYNDA CARTER'S classic costume . . . only the gold highlights have been replaced with a less sparkly deeper gold color.
Adrianne Palicki is The New Wonder Woman [PHOTOS]
Adrianne Palicki, an actress most famous for her role as Tyra on "Friday Night Lights," will portray comic book heroine Wonder Woman in a pilot being shot for NBC.
In the reboot, Wonder Woman will be a high-powered business executive, as well as a crime fighter...
Wonder Woman Has Been Found
Linda Carter played a great Wonder Woman back in the day.  I loved Wonder Woman.  I even owned the costume.   Somewhere lurking in a family photo album is a chubby 6 year old in the costume.  Well along with most of the Superhero remakes, David E. Kelley has found his Wonder…