The Best Advertising Campaigns Ever!
We have advertising surrounding us everywhere we go.  We have it on our TVs, on our computers, snuck into movies, shown before movies, on the radio, on our phones and tablets, on our drive to and from work.  Everywhere!  However, some of those advertising campaigns are genius...
10 Memorable Ad Spokespeople
George Zimmer (you know, the "You're going to look great. I guarantee it..." guy), was recently fired from his longtime gig as spokesperson for Men's Wearhouse, as well as his spot as executive chairman of the company.
Creative Advertising or Pushing the Envelope? [VIDEO]
Ladies, we all know that we have to take care of ourselves.  We always want that "fresh feeling" however, does this commercial make you want to run to the store and purchase this feminine product just because the commercial insinuates it could make you a goddess that men would…