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Amy Winehouse Felt Threatened by Adele’s Success
One of the demons Amy Winehouse struggled with before her death last year was jealousy over the success of Adele, according to Winehouse’s former producer, Mark Ronson, who had first-hand knowledge of the singer’s mental state in the months before her passing.
Is It OK to Glorify Celebrity Drug Use In the Media [POLL]
I find myself jumping up on my soap box this morning.  Am I sad that Whitney Houston died?  Yes, I am, because the world lost an amazing singer.  Do I think that her death warrants all the media attention, no I do not.  Whitney Houston was a drug addict, yes, she may have gotten …
Did Amy Winehouse Die From Alcohol Withdrawal?
Just days after the tragic death of singer Amy Winehouse, the family of the 27-year-old Grammy winner now claim that she may have died from alcohol withdrawal.
According to family sources, Winehouse ignored her doctors request to cut back on drinking gradually, and that her 4’11&Prime…

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