Weird Things Our Pets Eat
Let's face it our pets are our best friends.  However, these furry love able creatures will eat just about anything.  When I say anything I mean anything, especially dogs.  So today, our topic is, what is the weirdest and/or most expensive thing your dog has eaten?
A Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving
What's better than a Thanksgiving meal with family?  Watching a tiny hamster family enjoy their Thanksgiving.  All I have to say is this video just my make you squee!
The Magic Cat Vacuum
Let's face it, cats shed.  They have a ton of hair and it comes off on every piece of furniture in your home.   It gets annoying, but hey it's your cat and you love your cat.  If only the cat would lay there and let you vacuum all the unwanted hair off of him.
Mix Pet of the Week: Iggy
Today's fur baby up for adoption is a cute terrier mix named Iggy.  He was abandoned and the Amarillo SPCA is looking to find him a home.  You can tell he wasn't treated very well.  The time I spent with him, all he wanted to do was be held and cuddled.

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